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31Aug 2022
Aug 31, 2022

Ethereum Has Destroyed $8 10 Billion in Ether, ETH Scarcity to Increase After The Merge Technology Bitcoin News

So we approached the weekend in attempting to make an artwork that rebels against this structure in a playful and tongue in cheek way. Increasing use of the Lightning Network, and the drop in fees on Ethereum from $30 in October 2021 to the current $4 is probably […]

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14Apr 2022
Apr 14, 2022

Cryptocurrency Exchange Pros And Cons!

At times the lower value of one currency can make goods or services expensive. However, the value of crypto remains constant across borders and is unlike traditional currencies. One area to start learning about digital currency is studying the different coins and tokens.
If you do, you’ll […]

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21Feb 2022
Feb 21, 2022

Huobi Review

This is done to make sure that no one has unauthorised access to your account through the key. Once you have completed the form they will send you an email with the verification code that you will need to use to log back in. Then Huobi has a […]

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